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Bristol RELH/ECW mark-1 coaches

Bristol Commercial Vehicles in preservation.

Bristol Vintage Bus Group.

Pictures of Red&White buses & coaches in service (1).

Pictures of Red&White buses & coaches in service (2).

LAX 101E, Red&White Bristol RESL/ECW bus.

SAX 1G, Red&White Bristol RELH/ECW coach.

SWO 986, Red&White Bristol MW/ECW coach.

TAX 235 & 20 AAX Red&White Bristol 'Lodekkas' .

Red&White Services Ltd full history.

OAX 9F interior

Everyone enjoys a relax in Ruby's comfortable seats.
"Gosh they're just so comfy, like arm chairs!" is a frequent comment.
They had to be, coach journeys were often long before motorways!

Unique fleet numbering system

From 1951 RED & WHITE used a unique alpha-numeric numbering system. It was really ingenious, but requires some explaination. First there was the vehicle letter. For single deckers the codes were:-

  • S = Single deck bus;
  • C = Coach;
  • U = Underfloor engined bus;
  • UC = Underfloor engined Coach;
  • R = Rear engined bus;
  • RS = Rear engined Short bus;
  • RC = Rear engined Coach (this is what Ruby is);
  • RD = Rear engined Dual-purpose.
    • Then the last two numbers represented the year that the vehicle was new. In Ruby's case the '68' stands for the year 1968.

      The number between the letter(s) and year indicated the vehicles' sequence in deliveries that year. So Ruby was the 9th Rear-engined Coach delivered in 1968 hence: RC.968. Easy when you know!

Red&White logo June
RC968 fleet no

Tredegar Bus Station & depot

Tredegar Bus Station
Bus Stn Opening 31 January 1959

Pictured (left) is the entrance to Tredegar Bus Station on 30 January 1959 and (above) local MP Aneurin Bevan opening the station that day.

Red&White depot list 1967

COMMERCIAL MOTOR magazine, issue 13th February 1959, (page 43) article reads:-

Big New Depot for Red & White
"A new Bus Station capable of handling the I50 vehicles serving the Glamorgan and Monmouthshire valleys from Tredegar has been opened for the operators Red and White Services Ltd., by Mr Aneurin Bevan MP.

The new Tredegar Bus Station, comprising eleven “saw tooth" platforms, offices and a garage for 80 vehicles, adjoins Commercial Street. It will be used not only by Red & White, but also by Associated Motorways for their express services and by other undertakings serving the district.

In addition to providing cover for passengers, the station offers much improved staff amenities and maintenance facilities. The workshops have five repair pits, two greasing pits, an automatic bus-washing plant and steam cleaner and extensive stores. The site, which was taken over from the National Coal Board, will reduce dead mileage and relieve congestion in the town centre."

The large depot where Ruby was garaged most of her career, was located at the back of Tredegar Bus Station.

Tredegar Bus Station and Depot was demolished in the mid-1990's.

Before the internet, if you wanted to contact a bus company, like RED & WHITE, then you either went to one of their Travel Offices in town, telephoned the Travel Office or posted a letter to them.

The image (left) is the first page of the 1968 RED & WHITE 'Official Timetable'. It lists all their depots and offices. Sadly, none of these exist - the last one to close in 2015 was Brynmawr depot.

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